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Radio Shows

Family Christian Based Shows

Drop the Beat Show- Thomas B.

Drop the Beat was established by multi.-award nominated Thomas B. The  Syndicate show is consist of unlimited Gospel Rap and CHH Artists from across the world. Thomas B. motto is  "Choppin it up with CHH/Gospel Artists from across the World"  If interested in being apart of this show please email inquiry to

 Mult Award Winning L.I.F.E. Talk Radio Show

In 2018, LIFE Talk Radio Show was established.

Mission- Life Talk Radio Show was established to bring awareness of everyday lives with spiritual principally. Through this segment we have the opportunity to fellowship(interview) varies ministries across the border that is thrive to do effective Kingdom Building. We are empowering and cultivating people to embrace Faith. “Learn to Ignite Your Faith Everyday”Purpose- Learn to Ignite your Faith Everyday.

If you interested in being apart of this radio show please submit your inquiry :

Lenae's Morning Mix Podcast Show

Every morning tune in for some news, encouragement and music from Multi Award Winning  radio personality Lenae.

Radio Shows

Family Christian based Shows

 Mult Award Winning Rockin it w Lenae and Zariyana B.

Rockin it with Lenae and Zariyana B is a show for children , with the latest  music, bible stories and more.Now they are interview other young kingdom builders from across the world

Our House Family Show

On selective radio stations. TV show coming soon.



Join Award nominated Radio Personality Carissa B. as she journey throughout the community and more for  Christian Lifestyles. "Learning to Ignite your Faith Everyday"  If you are interest in being apart of the this tv show please submit your inquiry to

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